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Was the “British Invasion” during the 1960’s literal to the saying?  Could this time frame in history have been one of the largest “scientific evaluations” of our time or knowledge?  When you take a clear minded look back, some of the details seem more than sketchy than mere coincidence.  Take a look at the inconspicuous truth behind the true meaning of the Age of Aquarius and how it was the calculating force behind the counterculture.

Being an 80’s baby, directly raised from said generation.  Obviously I grew up hearing the music of this time.  So back when, I balanced this genre against the often “rugged” more “anger” filled music of the 80s into the 90s.  It made you feel as if you should have been born back then.  The symbolic image left in peoples minds or the perspective given to those in my category looking through the glass think; peace, love, happiness – rock-n-roll, it all seemed great.  It painted the picture of a better or more wholesome time.

While hearing my parents music, I didn’t listen.  I blankly knew all the lyrics of many songs, and just the choruses of others.  Just what was picked up from the background along the way.  Without attaching the lyrics to visuals, whether it be live performance or a music video, it can leave much to be understood of what words you are hearing.  That still even holds true in today’s “pop” videos.  This past generation however, was notorious for their double meanings, “in-lingo” and even subliminal messages in their music.

Today we are inundated with NWO, Illuminati symbolism throughout everything in someway.  I often wonder when the blatancy started.  It wasn’t until I actually just saw the Rolling Stones documentary “Crossfire Hurricane”.  This was my first time seeing so much of actual, documented footage.  Watching this film finally motivated me to dig a little deeper.  Who hasn’t heard of stories here and there about what was going on back then; its all blamed on drugs and ends there.  However, if you continue to look further, some of the connections may shock you.  It appears that every facet of this generation and its movements was a manipulation of the people by the ruling forces of the world; the Illuminati, NWO, Freemasons, the reptilians – whoever “they” may be.

CIA LSD MK Ultra | Inconspicuous TruthWe are going to begin our timeline in 1953; the larger agenda however started long before this date.  This year is the point when the CIA officially sanctioned the MK Ultra program and began receiving 6% of total funds.   The purpose of the MK Ultra program was to counter mind control techniques that were thought to be used by the Soviet Union, the Chinese and the people of North Korea.  By 1964 the program was “reduced” and finally “ended” in 1973.  Because of the power or influence the CIA held, they were able to infiltrate and utilize colleges, universities, hospitals and prisons.


Back in the1950s a writer named Jack Kerovac wins himself a scholarship to Columbia University in New York where he writes for the Columbia Daily Spectator, becomes a brother of Phi Gamma Delta and also studied at “The New School”.  The New School was an off-shoot, progressive funded, avant-garde “school of thought”.  I say off-shoot because professors from Columbia University taught there as well.  Other professors there were from Horace Mann school, (a prestigious prep school that Jack attended as well) this very one in particular had a connection to the MK Ultra operative.  MK Ultra | Inconspicuous Truth

So here we have a Ivy league school, a progressive funded “school of thought” based through a scholarship.  Here is the beginning of the pattern.  So with this positioning, theoretical teachings and influences, Jack along with several other of his peers take on a name that described their group persona or “movement”.  The Beat Generation; a culture with focus on drug experimentation, alternative sexuality with an interest in Eastern religions.  One of the more notable members of the IMG_2424Beat Generation was fellow writer Neal Cassidy. During this time frame across the country in San Francisco, California “Operation Midnight Climax” was under way.  This was a MK Ultra project under the umbrella of the CIA of course, as it was all “scientific studies”.  In this case they tested out LSD on unknowing citizens of San Francisco.  (This actually explains a lot)  This was and has been documented by many, even recently an article by Troy Hooper from on 3/14/12.  The program seemingly was “reduced” in 1964, at which point you will soon see that it was just reduced from public view.  The MK Ultra umbrella as a whole ran from 1953-1964 at a reported 6% of total funding; it is just from the years 1964-1973 that are suspect as well as percentage of funding unknown.  As it slithers into the background, you will see that the whole Beat Generation, British Invasion and the Counterculture were Acid Test | Inconspicuous Truthcontrolled, funded and supplied by the CIA, MK Ultra LSD project.  Was the 64-73 time frame the new level of the project; could it really be a country wide MK ULTRA testing of the masses, guided under literary/musical control or was their testing phase over and the “beta” initiation phase under way.  Coast to coast, eventually spreading throughout the world….enter music.


So as the Beat Generation basically finishes their job under the MK Ultra programming, letting the next group emerge.  Its now 1958 and in walks character Ken Kesey.  This University of Oregon School of Journalism graduate and brother of Beta Theta Pi is awarded the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Award and obtains a scholarship into Stanford University’s Creative Writing program (similar to Jack Kerovac in NY – this is the pattern) So again an Ivy League school, Ken “becomes” a volunteer literally for the MK ULTRA LSD tests at a nearby veterans hospital…evidently the veterans may have been guinea pigs as well.  So as a student by day and tester at night, Ken you could say was molded by the elite.  Lord only knows what they truly did with the volunteers as the basis of the program was to study mind control through its prevention.

During Ken Keseys time at Stanford, while undergoing the MK ULTRA LSD IMG_2423program he wrote a novel that will be relevant for generations to come.  He is the author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”  in 1962 and he has openly attributed the inspiration for the book to have come from his experiences at the Vet hospital where the program has taken place.  (Remember that the CIA had schools, hospitals and other organizations that would ease or benefit their work.)


IMG_2421The same year, Ken Kesey meet Jack Kerovacs’ friend and fellow Beat Gen Neal Cassidy (from NY now in CA) and with the proceeds from his LSD, MK ULTRA Acid Test | Inconspicuous Truthliterary masterpiece; Kesey, Cassidy and a few others moved out to the house Kesey bought in the mountains of Lattonda California.  His mission in life now was to spread the “enlightenment” of LSD and his group of live-in friends including a woman named Carolyn (who later married and brought into the group Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead formerly the Worlocks) were now referred to as the Merry Pranksters.  They held psychedelic parties referred to as IMG_2422the “Acid Tests”.  These were infamous events often written about in works showcasing the generation.  The most interesting book being “Hells Angels:  The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang”.  Here they connect the gang to Ken and the Merry Pranksters and LSD/Acid.  You will see why this stands out later.


By 1964 Ken had released his second book and needed to do the PR for it back in New York.  This presented the opportunity of a lifetime in the eyes of Ken and the Merry pranksters.  With Ken as captain and Neal as driver, they would drive cross country in a hippi-fied, psychedelically transformed school bus dubbed “Further” spreading the “good word” of LSD and their “Acid Test” mentality.  Free for anyone who would try, so from their home in California they drove to New York where the Worlds Fair was conventionally being held.  This guaranteed masses of people.  Their wild and crazy drive was documented by home videos and was later complied into the movie, “Magic Trip:  Ken Keseys Search for a Kool Place”.  The phrase “You are either on the bus or off the bus” was the slogan of Further (the bus name) on this “trip” of many meanings.  Trying to keep in the timeline, while Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters (via the CIA MK ULTRA LSD OPERATION) were “prepping” the Americans, across the pond they are also “prepping” the “British Invasion”.  Who are “they”….?  In truth, the utter brilliance  of the NWO, ILLUMINATI or whatever their true name and in their execution of plan has evaded all from the start.  Additionally the emotional and visual tone of the early 60s was framed by the dramatic assassination of President Kennedy.  The Beatles and Rolling Stones play an amazing role in continuing the programming, whether initially knowing or not.

1960 In Liverpool and Germany the unknown Beatles calling themselves the Quarrymen played clubs and strip-clubs of the era.  By 1962 they were signed byBealtes Evil | Inconspicuous Truth EMI (Parlophone subsidiary) who ran the abbey Road Studio, and one of the largest labels in Europe.  The label is said to have created the image and allure of the Beatles by cleaning and dressing in addition to being the first to pay young females to scream like crazy for the perception/sheeple effect.  So on with the “British Invasion”!  Literally – No shit.  Sir Joseph Locknard owned EMI; also known as Electrical and Mechanical Instruments.  A military intelligence establishment, EMI logospecializing in “military electronics”.  Well, who better to produce the soundtracks to the largest LSD fueled CIA MK ULTRA project the world has even seen.  By 1964 the Beatles hit American soil, arriving to the paid screaming public, and made an unexpected back to back Sunday appearance on the Ed sullivan show to enhance their image. The EMI connections were strong, especially since they had back in 1955 acquired 96% of Americas’ Capitol records and ended up signing the Stones as well.  Coincidence or brilliance?!


This has now brought it all up to speed together, with the strategic positioning of the musical/celebrity “icons/idols” and a super-groovy underground element of “kool” served literally by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  This brought about a complete change in society, shaking up the moral structure right from under Aleister Crowely | Inconspicuous Truthour feet.  No one could see where this was going on, except maybe the old-timers who, lets face it, in American society are mainly ignored and thought to be “too old to understand”.  No one knew because it was dressed up in peace, love and happiness/flower-power garb – which (in all situations of sheeple) the majority of people took to Jay Z Aleister Crowley | inconspicuous Truthfollowing without question.

Yet what few knew is that during this time these so-called iconic leaders were following possibly the mantra of the Beat Gens of dabbling in eastern religions, and started following the doctrines of Aleister Crowley.  This name is synonymous with many of the top earning and most notorious figures in the music industry including Jay Z and Kanye West.  “Do what thou wilt” let that be the whole of the law.  Luciferian beliefs that have been interwoven with possibly every aspect of America; the New World order.  Crowley taught, wrote laws (principals) and conducted sex magick rituals as well as being a believer that drug use would all lead you to enlightenment and power.  Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll is a powerful combination that we truly do not understand.  In 1965 Lennon was quoted  as saying, “We’re fed up with making music for soft people, and we’re fed up with playing for them ..” after retiring from live performances.  They began recording the next upcoming album in 1966 for its 1967 release date.  The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  The cover featured many people including Aleister Bealtes Aleister Crowley | Inconspicuous TruthCrowley.  It was released 20 years after his death, almost to the day.  Lyrics in the album actually say “Twenty years ago today.”  McCartney was also quoted as saying, “We really hated that four little fucking mop top approach…” later adding about the upcoming album, ‘I thought, lets not be ourselves.  Lets develop  alter egos…it won’t be us making that sound, it won’t be the Beatles, it will be that o  We won’t lose in this.’  This was the start of another trend and truly connecting the MK Ultra – “Alter Ego” element.  Which is symbolically represented still today or a quote similar to that of McCartney.  Beyonce = Sasha Fierce or Nicki Minaj = Roman Polanski quickly come to mind with even them admitting to the fact that something happens while in character on stage that themselves couldn’t do.  In 1967 the album was released and the Rolling Stones also released their album “Satanic Majesties Request” – and just a fun fact, both Mick and Paul were both knighted by the Queen.


In 1968 the Rolling Stones filmed “Rock-n-roll Circus”.  This however didn’t air Jagger Devil | Inconspicuous Truth for public viewing until 1995.  A-list performers came together and dressed up as circus folk of the time i guess and then performed.  A truly interesting performance by the Stones; Sympathy for the Devil.  While all “got in the music” the camera shot zooms in on Mick Jagger crouching on the floor then slowly removing his shirt with the purpose of showcasing the face of satan in a human-like form painted on his chest and upper arms.  The camera pans to John Lennon who is enthralled in the vibe.  This was said to have not been aired due to “they just didn’t like how it came out”, or was it possibly too early in the grand plan to release such blatant symbolism….yet.  This song became the anthem the church of satan as well.  Around this time or very soon after Mick then through then time girlfriend, Marianne Faithful (who was involved with the Process Church) became involved in composing music for “Lucifer Rising” by the church founder, Kenneth Anger. He was an Aleister Crowley follower and a believer of a coming  aeon of horus.  This later fell through, however it does add to the truth of his surroundings in private life.  One of the cast members was Bobby Beausoleck, who later became a member of the Manson family.  We will also touch back on that later.  In 1968, Rosemary’s Baby was released by Roman Polanski.  This guided media tone was definitely changing now able to on the surface level, only after they had the people in the palm of their hands.  So as the Rolling Stones also started to show signs of a more blatant styling, as the Beatles were honing in on their “new alter egos”.  So remember Ken Kesey from earlier in the timeline, the LSD guy…he was requested by the Beatles for his “genius” to work at Apple, the Beatles own sub label under the umbrella.  While this reportedly also “fell through”, again it may just be a matter of perspective if it actually did.  1969 also brought infamous events in “American Culture”.  First the wife of Roman Polanski eerily Life Magazine LSD | Inconspicuous Truthis murdered by the Manson family while she is pregnant with their son.  The grizzly murders took place at Doris Days son, Terry Melchers’ rental apartment (to where the plot thickens with more Manson/Beatles connections with their label Apple, as Terry worked their as well and Manson wanted a deal.)  This occurred on August 8th (9th), a mere 10 days later the second being Woodstock; starting August 18th.  We all know the cliche gist of it.  Interesting though of TIME magazine to describe it as an “Aquarian festival”, this is for some the astrological or literal symbol of the ending of the age of Pisces (which is considered the time of Jesus, that is why he is symbolized by the fish) and the beginning of the age of Aquarius.  This is the core of “New Age’ thinking and a pillar in their religious groups; along with the likes of Aleister Crowley.

LSD MK Ultra | Inconspicuous TruthIt is rumored to have been connected with the Sandoz Swiss Lab that first synthesized LSD through one of its organizers, John Roberts along with an EMI/Capitol records executive Artie Kornfeld (along with two other men).  Swami Satchindanada gave the opening words.  This was also said to be an MK ULTRA LSD test (yes another) to push people to the brinks of their sanity.  The LSD overload, whether you wanted it or not, you ended up doing it.  The continual music was to keep the crowd “controlled”.  The most important thing to remember is that this was fully compliant with the FBI and police through who else but the CIA.

LSD MK Ultra | Inconspicuous Truth

The third event of the year was the Woodstock of the west, Altamont.  Which is keeping with the CIA MK ULTRA LSD format of keeping both coasts at the same level, or in scientific terms – letting the actual locations be the variable.  So on December 6, 1969, none other that mega MK ULTRA LSD character Ken Kesey and Michael Lang (one of the other Woodstock organizers) debuted this event.  Keeping true to form< LSD was the main event.  Ken and his ties to the Hells Angels (remember from the beginning why this stands out) arranges for them to be security for a reported $500 in beer.  The true set up however was through the distribution of LSD from which the gang would truly cash in.  As usual in “scenes’ like this (especially as the east coast version just showed us) a dramatic breakdown is a given.  LSD driven deaths, accidental deaths and even four premature births took place.  However one murder (possible blood sacrifice) stands out.  As the Stones finally took to the stage, the scene appeared dark, sinister even down to Mick dressed in red.  Remember that lucifer has the gift of music.  As his performance begins, with all the red lighting and deep loud vibrations of sound (with everyone trippin balls) invoking a primal force or feeling within.  Some audience members began stripping and forcibly trying to thrust themselves in a psychotic offering.

During the fiasco, Mick tries to calm the crowd, as only a hippie could.  The crowd continues to fight in he background, still with the naked in the front.  During this performance, the Rolling Stones had their crew video tapping.  As the camera spans back and forth you see a truly varied, raw emotional expressions, from forces effecting people differently.  No two seemed the same.  From shock, rage, fear, blank sadness with and without tears.  Through it all, you see a black male in lime green standing out, the best video for the angle is actually the footage shot by the Stones.  Without knowing the background of this man – he stuck out.  There was a reason.  While it is very hard to find video clips of the actual incident, Crossfire Hurricane has the best view, as they almost knew what to record.  This is Meredith Hunter, the murder victim.  While it is said he shot or rushed the stage, the video makes it hard to see.  Given the surrounding LSD MK ULTRA elements, this scene seems like a plausible blood sacrifice, without even knowing it.  It is often said that Sympathy for the Devil is when the murder happened, however it was right after as they finished to play “Under my thumb”.   An interesting, actually scary choice to follow though.  This trend continued under this genre through the 70’s.  The MK ULTRA LSD project Stones | Goat Head Soup | Inconspicuous Truth“ended”.  The Stones Goats Head Soup with two creepy album covers kept pushing forward with Baphomet inspirations (also from Aleister Crowley).  Keith Richards told Rolling Stone Magazine that “We receive our songs by inspiration, like a seance.”  5/5/77.

For two decades, US generations from coast to US coast probably have each family touched some how by their LSD MK ULTRA project, whether willing or not.  The 80s and 90s are entire stories of their own yet a continual evolution of this massive scale human testing/control.  The counter-culture was smoke and mirrors, to were the rebels who thought they were leaders marching to their own drum, were actually puppets dancing to the beat of the Luciferian, NWO, Illuminati, powers that be drum.  Our very own.. THE CIA and the elite strategically set the stage to herd the sheeple exactly where they wanted them/us to go. To be continued…


wolfAltamont Murder…

Rock-n-Roll Circus “Sympathy for the devil” Mick Jagger features a devil on his chest and almost seems to invoke it. If you don’t like the song start then at 4:30ish to see this actual part start.