Even if you do not follow alternative thought, you would still most certainly beEye Goddess | Inconspicuous Truth familiar with the “All Seeing Eye” even if not by name. The symbol that every American would definitely have in their possession mostly at all times. This eye that appears on our dollar that is truly Egyptian in origin but it has been depicted through masonic expression. However is it the eye of Horus, or is it the eye of Ra, or is it both? And who is the Eye Goddess? It is hard to really say without knowing the true reasons why it is being utilized on our dollar.

The Eye of Horus or Ra in ancient times was a symbol of the deities for protection and the word spoken for this is Wedjat.

Now that All Seeing Eye | Inconspicuous Truthword itself adds another level or should I say character to the all seeing eye notion.  The word itself is from the even more ancient Egyptian goddess, Wedjat who closer to Isis and Horus was a protector.  She was also depicted by the snake.  Also sharing qualities with Isis it is not surprising that a snake is what Isis would later conjure up to take power over Ra himself.  Interestingly two of her ceremonies fall on December 25 as well as April 21.  She was also closely related to Bast, yet another solar Egyptian goddess.

In one of the many creation stories involving Ra, one in particular involving his two children shed some light on his piece of the All Seeing Eye Puzzle.  The story tells his young were lost in the Primeval sea and Ra sent his eye to search for Falcon | Inconspicuous Truththem.  When his eye returned she was devastated to see that she had been replaced.  She then shed a tear to which was the birth of all humanity.  Being able to leave Ra and perform servitude to the god Ra she was deemed an Eye goddess, who is the actual title Eye of Ra was bestowed upon.  The Lady of Flame as her other title was is portrayed as a cat.

From the outside looking in…

Wedjat | Inconspicuous Truth