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An old Native American legend tells a story of thirteen life size human skulls made of rock crystal that are said to speak and sing. They hold the answers to the greatest mysteries of our world and lives. The legend continues to mention a time when a great need, a time of great crisis for humanity, all of the crystal skulls will be rediscovered and come together again to reveal the knowledge and information vital to the very survival of the human race.

In the 1920s a British archeologist Federick Mitchell-Hedges found the lost city of Lubaantun (Mayan for city of fallen stones) where also found one of the crystal skulls. In the 1970s his adopted daughter brought the skull to computer giant Hewlett Packard. At their laboratory they ran numerous tests to which had amazing results. Our society basically runs off a specific form of quartz named piezoelectric silicon dioxide, known for its storage capacity. HP found that the skull was created using the same exact quartz. Due to the strength and grain structure or quartz crystal, it would be impossible to create a such a piece without it shattering. This meant that the skull had to be made by hand, with an estimated 300 year time frame. However under their microscope they could not find tool markings. A member of the team said that it shouldn’t even exist.

This is an interesting corner where science and legend meet. The Navajo, Mayan and other indigenous elders hold the skulls as sacred objects left behind by the first people to help us in our time of need. Absolutely vital for our survival on this planet. Who were these first people? Where did they come from? How is their technology so advanced? What don’t we know…?

Navajo elder Leon Secateu ” The crystal skulls can help awaken us to our connections with all other things. Aliveness of all things; they are magical objects; they are the image of death, yet they contain the breath of life. The same breath of life we have and that we share with all things. They omit a sound – the sound of creation…”

The legend of the crystal skulls continues into today’s culture found in such major motion pictures as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or being mocked on Southpark. They still elude us, and maintain their mystery.

Crystal Skulls |
Crystal skulls found around the world.

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