Bohemian Grove Craziness | Inconspicuous TruthIn 1872 a group of wealthy, educated  gentleman numbering about 100-200 formed a private all male social club in the Astor Hotel on Sacramento Street in San Francisco California. During this period the Californian gold rush was in effect and frontier culture was on the rise. The higher level society longed for maintaining their culture, community and probably gene pool. The Bohemian club would fulfill this need.


Bohemian Club Headquarters | Inconspicuous Truth


A gentleman by the name of Nathaniel J. Brittan constructed a party/hunting lodge in San Carlos located on 125 Dale Avenue. Then again in the 1890’s Brittan offered another prominent retreat nicknamed the “owls nest” yet the project was abandoned due to political static. The cornerstone of the project however was moved from the original location (in San Carlos) at the intersection of Orange and Elizabeth streets allegedly to the Bohemian Grove on the Russian River.

Bohemian Grove Poster | Inconspicuous TruthThe Grove itself is a 2700 acre coast redwood forest, located in Monte Rio, CA. The ancient trees are a specific breed of redwood renowned for its age which can be upwards of 2000 years! The only similarity to the Pine Barrens on the east coast is that an eery darkness is looming from the center due to the packing of trees. In this forest the accommodations for their 2000 members to “camp” in luxury. Who gets to indulge in such a place? With a waiting list that is said to go back for 15 years at times, only the most rich and famous, powerful yet sometimes unknown heavy hitters that control the world. From almost every US president to foreign ruling families to heads of industry, faces of media, entertainers and artists at times.

The activities that take place here are basically secret.  Even with the bits and pieces we know about – we still really don’t know anything.  We now know for sure, thanks to the undercover work of Alex Jones, that the cremation of care ceremony is a mock human sacrifice burnt Moloch style in front of the 40-foot Bohemian Owl | Inconspicuous Truthowl.  We know the members have an annual retreat during the mid-late summer months.  We know that some of the members are described as participating in homosexual behavior.  We know this area is highly guarded, funded and visibly protected.  We know that this organization if you will has been in existence practicing this bizarre pagan, idol worshiping, burnt human sacrificing mystery religion for over 120 years!  What are we missing here….

Bohemian Ceremony | inconspicuous TruthWHY!?!?!  Why are these activities taking place in a modern day, “Gd-fearing” society – not to mention I don’t know what would be harder to believe:  1.  The practice an ancient mystery religion that somehow controls the world pushing us towards a new world order of domination, or, 2.  The middle age and older, mega intelligent/wealthy/successful “men” are playing “make-believe” in the forest.  For odd some reason, the latter seems more far fetched.

Cremation of Care | Inconspicuous Truth
Cremation of Care Ceremony

As you can see from the picture to the right, the cremation of care ceremony in front of the now infamous owl.  Notice the fire altar with a single, small detached flame.  This is an eternal flame, like in some presidential grave sites.  A famous poet George Sterling was a prominent member of the Bohemian club and wrote a play entitled “Lilith” to which he through his writing identifies Lilith with the owl.  It can then be assumed that they were aware of such owl symbolism. Sterling is said to have stayed at the Bohemian Club in his own private room toward the end of his life, where he committed suicide by ingesting cyanide.

Bohemian Grove | Inconspicuous Truth
These elite are men in drag as no women are allowed

Former presidential counselor David Gergen resigned the Bohemian Club days after he was quoted to saying he would not “run around naked at its annual Bohemian Grove encampment”.  Gergen also terminated his membership at: University of Maryland board of visitors, the Aspen Institute, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), American Committee for Aid to Poland, the American Assembly, Duke University School of Public Policy, International Media Fund, National Committee for US-China Relations, Very Special Arts Foundation, Trilateral Commission, and the goes on totaling 17 affiliations. Gergen who also had just reached full level membership at Bohemian Club has now opened the spot for one of the 3,000 names who some have been waiting for 13 years, said Bohemian Club club official.

Bohemian Grove Throwback | Inconspicuous Truth
This has gone on for some time now…
Bohemian Grove | Inconspicuous Truth
Honestly, there is no good explanation other than “bad stuff happens here”
Bohemian Members | Inconspicuous Truth
Amazing and sickening
Bohemian Shuttle | Inconspicuous Truth
Wouldn’t be surprised if this was paid for by tax dollars