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King Solomon Master Builder of the Temple

Freemasonry arose in the late 16th – early 17th century.  By 1901, it is said that there were nearly 2,000 lodges.  Today there is a reported 6 million Freemasons worldwide, with the top percent being obviously smaller.  With the amount of information at our disposal today, you can find a general background knowledge on the varying degrees, their symbols and the connection to the worlds elite including the suggested plan for a new world order.  Another bit of information that can be found is the mention of Solomon and his temple; this can be with or without the mention of Hiram Abiff.  It is deeper than that.  What is not readily available, probably for obvious reasons of the “secret” in their society is why exactly Solomon.  Merely looking at their symbols we can see the Jewish symbols as well as Egyptian, with a few unrecognizable additions.  To understand the symbols however, well is why we are in the dark.

To gain a better understanding, we should take a closer look Solomon himself.

King Solomons Temple | Inconspicuous Truth

From a biblical standpoint, Solomon was made infamous for his temple better known as the First Temple.  It was built upon Mount Zion or the Temple Mount.  It was destroyed in 587BC by Nebushadnezzar II; this is where the Ark of the Covenant is said to have been housed.
Solomon was the son of David the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel.  Back in a time where multiple wives and concubines were part of daily life.  It is hard to believe there were any rules in a a marriage, but nonetheless, there were.  David took several wives and had multiple children.  His wife Ahinoam who gave him Amnon; Maachah who gave him Adonijah and his only mentioned daughter Tamar.  David had also seduced a woman named Bethsheba.  She was the daughter of one of his “Thirty” men, granddaughter to one of his closest advisers and wife to one of the soldiers in Davids Army and a direct descendant of Ishmael according to Freemasonry.  (This would then make Solomon then part of both of the families of Abraham.)  Bathsheba became pregnant with his child.   Prophet Nathan had reprimanded David on his adultery and warned him that his evil would be punished by God.  Uriah the Hittite, Bethshebas’ husband was killed by Davids orders for him to be left on the battlefield to die in the attempt to hide his wrong doings.  Bathsheba then was able to become his wife. They however lost their child as the prophet had warned.  After this loss they were able to give birth to Solomon.

Solomons rise to the throne was a family drama full of twists and turns.  Being the youngest of four, it was not likely for Solomon to achieve this position.  Ammon, the eldest son raped his half sister Tamar to which her full brother Absalom killed Amnon to avenge his sisters’ death.  Absalom then later rebels against his father David and dies in battle.  As David has grown in age, and is in an elderly state, it is a blurry description of how the next events actually unfold.  It is said that Adonijah started speaking that he was now king without David knowing.  Back into the story comes Prophet Nathan (who was first introduced as the person to approach David on his sins with Bathsheba and warn of Gods punishments) and Bethsheba who have now come together to tell David that his son is calling himself king and not including herself, Solomon and Prophet Nathan as well.  They feared what would happen to them once David passed on.  In an almost scheming fashion Prophet Nathan is alleged to telling Bathsheba to speak with David first and he will enter during their conversation to back her up – inevitably prompting David to proclaim Solomon as his successor to bypass Adonijah.  Regardless of which version may actually be true, the end result was Solomon named Davids successor to be king.  Later Solomon seizes and kills Adonijah.

As an adult Solomon also took many wives and concubines, in numbers that seem impossible.  One in particular was said to be the daughter of an Egyptian pharoh who had captured and burned the Canaanite city of Gezer and gave it to his son-in-law Solomon.  The only wife mentioned by name however, who bore Solomon his successor was named Naamah.  An Ammonite whose name also means anything from “pleasing” to being a demon and the “mother of divination”.  As a sign of his authority Solomon also obtained a Moabite princess for his harem and erected a shrine outside of Jerusalem dedicated to Chemosh, the Moabite God as well as a fire altar to Molech/Moloch in the Valley of Gehenna.

Solomon had abandoned Judaism and taken the persuasion of his wives and their idol worshiping religions.  He was noted for his intelligence as it seems to have run in his genes.  For Solomon was the last leader before the divide into two kingdoms which his son Rehoboam ruled over the southern kingdom of Judah.

So we have to ask ourselves, is it weird to find a connection between Solomon and Moloch/Molech?  We know that they refer to this Moloch/Molech at Bohemian Grove  , so what does this all mean and who or what is Moloch/Molech?King Solomon | Inconspicuous Truth